Friday, November 15, 2013


"it must be admitted that in the economic sphere, from the start, in all branches men are not of equal value or of equal importance. And once this is admitted it is madness to say: in the economic sphere there are undoubtedly differences in value, but that is not true in the political sphere. IT IS ABSURD TO BUILD UP ECONOMIC LIFE ON THE CONCEPTIONS OF ACHIEVEMENT, OF THE VALUE OF PERSONALITY, AND THEREFORE IN PRACTICE ON THE AUTHORITY OF PERSONALITY, BUT IN THE POLITICAL SPHERE TO DENY THE AUTHORITY OF PERSONALITY AND TO THRUST INTO ITS PLACE THE LAW OF THE GREATER NUMBER - DEMOCRACY" 

-- Adolf Hitler; from speech to Dusseldorf Industry Club (Jan 27, 1932)

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  1. showing his syphilis in this case. people of the greater number must always be counted, not all, but most of faith are usually correct. this is why hitler failed, the moral majority of Germany actually began to shrink away from his sickness. If Hitler had appealed to the people instead of his ego, he would be ruling earth right now, as that is where he started. But then he began to show signs of megalomania, he started executing people based on race, not alignment with the cause. He began to indulge in personal gratification in ways that lost support even among his most elite, they tried to assasinate him many tiimes for it. His ego was fed by someone, and those people were near to him, rather than millons of miles away in anoher time or fantasy issue. So, Dusseldorf is a stange place to announce he is emporer. another point to substantiate my point. People stop follwoing people who annunce they are much better smarter wiser, it implies they will never have anyting