Thursday, April 18, 2013

Racial and Cultural Demonization

"Once the incited, insane masses — gone wild and supported by the asocial elements released from the prisons and penitentiaries — have exterminated the natural, indigenous intelligence of the peoples and brought them to the scaffolds to bleed to death, what will remain is the last bearer of — albeit miserable — intellectual knowledge is the Jew. For one thing should be made clear here: this race is neither spiritually nor morally superior, but in both cases inferior through and through. For unscrupulousness and irresponsibility can never be equated with a truly brilliant disposition. In terms of creativity, it is an untalented race through and through. 
For this reason, if it seeks to rule nowhere for any length of time, it is forced to undertake the extermination of the former intellectual upper classes of the other peoples. Otherwise it would naturally be defeated by their superior intelligence within a very short time. That is because, in everything that has to do with true accomplishment, they have always been bunglers, and bunglers they will remain. In the past year, we have shown in a series of alarming statistical proofs that, in the present Soviet Russia of the proletariat, more than eighty percent of the leading positions are held by Jews. This means that not the proletariat is the dictator, but that very race whose Star of David has finally also become the symbol of the so-called proletarian state."

-- Adolf Hitler; from speech at Zeppelin Field (September 13, 1937)

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